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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Birthday Party

Logan and Cooper celebrated their birthday's together this year. Logan turned 4 and Cooper turned 1. We had a Spiderman themed party, including a pinata. We had a large turnout and the kids had lots of fun. I can't believe another year has already come and gone. Happy Birthday to My Boys.

Abi's Excuse for Not Cleaning

Abi: "What are you going to do tomorrow when I am at school, Mommy?"
Me: "Well, I thought I would run some errands and clean the house."
Abi: "Oh, mommy. Thank you so much for cleaning up."
Me: "Your welcome. But I think maybe you should clean the playroom."
Abi: "Oh no mommy, I can't."
Me: "Why not Abi?"
Abi: "Because I am too tired and if I do clean the playroom, I will get sick."

I wish I could use that excuse...............