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Monday, November 24, 2008

"Running" Errands

Jennfier had this conversation with Abi the other night on the way out the door.

Mom: "I'm going to run some errands, Y'all be good for Daddy and I will be home later."
Abi: "Mommy, RUN really really fast, ok.
And bring me back a scooter."

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cooper Smiling

We have a Bounce House in town now and we went for the first time today. The kids loved it!!! Cooper hung out on the floor and played while the older kids bounced. He is such a happy baby and is always smiling. I am enjoying every minute with him and can't believe he is 9 months this week. I love how he always wants to snuggle and spend time with me. I feel so blessed to have 3 beautiful and healthy children.

School Program

Logan and Abi had a Thanksgiving program at school. They each sang a song and then we had a Thanksgiving Feast with everyone. They both did very well and Logan knew the words to his whole song. We love to see our children having so much fun and learning new things every week.

Daddy and Logan at Deer Lease

We went to the deer lease as an entire family for 3 nights and slept in our new camper. It was fun, exhausting, and cold. We were pretty cold the first night with the temps in 20's. After finding a few heaters, we were ok the other nights. No one got a deer this time but everyone, including Cooper, went hunting. It was interesting, and memorable.

Logan by the campfire

The campfire

The camp with our pop-up in the background

Conversation With Abi at Costco

We were at Costco on Sunday after church and Abi fell in love with a doll house bigger than she is. She was playing with it for a while and all these people were walking by looking at her and saying how cute she was. Well, then daddy walked by and this is the conversation:

Abi: "Look Daddy at this big doll house."

Matthew: "Oh, cool!"

Abi: "I want one."

Matthew: "No Abi, that is too expensive. Daddy could build you one for cheaper."

Abi was fine with daddy's response but continued looking at the house. Matthew and I began to walk away and we turned around to find Abi having a conversation with an older man and woman.

Man and Women: "Wow, look at this doll house. That is so awesome."

Abi (while shaking her hands "no" at them): "No, no. That is just too expensive."

And then Abi just walked off. We were all rolling, including the man and woman.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Here is Abi performing her cheerleading skills before Aunt Jojo's school football game. Is she not adorable?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Abi was a Princess Ballerina and Logan was Spiderman. We had so much fun! Aren't they cute?