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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Conversation With Abi at Costco

We were at Costco on Sunday after church and Abi fell in love with a doll house bigger than she is. She was playing with it for a while and all these people were walking by looking at her and saying how cute she was. Well, then daddy walked by and this is the conversation:

Abi: "Look Daddy at this big doll house."

Matthew: "Oh, cool!"

Abi: "I want one."

Matthew: "No Abi, that is too expensive. Daddy could build you one for cheaper."

Abi was fine with daddy's response but continued looking at the house. Matthew and I began to walk away and we turned around to find Abi having a conversation with an older man and woman.

Man and Women: "Wow, look at this doll house. That is so awesome."

Abi (while shaking her hands "no" at them): "No, no. That is just too expensive."

And then Abi just walked off. We were all rolling, including the man and woman.

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