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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Loss of Our Precious Niece

We are sad to say that on November 22, 2009, our beautiful nine day old niece has joined our Lord in heaven. There are no words to describe the pain we are feeling. I have never felt 'real' pain until now. I struggle everyday to understand why this has happened, but can only trust in God for comfort. I think why I am having such a hard time accepting all that has happened is because it has been such a shock. I am not sure if I was not aware of the seriousness of her condition or was in denial, but her death leaves me dumbfounded. Through Baby C's death I have learned so much about the importance of family, how fragile life is and nothing should ever be taken for granted, that we are not invincible and bad things do happen, and that all the little things that our world, including me, seems to be so consumed with really aren't that important at all. I miss baby Catherine everyday and wish I could hold her. She has touched so many lives in just her nine short days on earth. Thank you God for our precious niece and I looked forward to holding her in heaven.
Baby Catherine, pray for us!

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